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Originally Posted by LBR View Post
You base that on opinion. Drugs affect different people in different ways. Even asprin. Drugs that make one person drowsy may make another hyper, and vice-versa. Alchohol makes one person giggly and sleepy, the next wants to fight and run wild--but "technically" it's a depressant. Even different types of alchohol affect people differently.

I'm no expert, but I have a good friend who used to work closely with the DEA (retired). He's seen cases of people acting like they were on meth or LSD, when it was nothing but pot. Then there are people who can do the really hard stuff and act normal. There's no "rules" with the stuff, anymore than any other drug.
The only adverse psychological effects that I've ever seen experienced are panic attacks/anxiety in inexperienced users.

I know it affects everyone differently, I'm not na´ve or stupid, but I will never believe any of that "reefer madness" propaganda that the DEA/US government sold to my parents and grandparents.

When a study is cited that THC use can lead to psychosis, violent behavior or uncontrollable outbursts in users, I will retract my statement, but until then... I'll stick with my first-hand knowledge of it.
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