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Originally Posted by sachiko;4066140

If a police officer shoots someone in the line of duty, there will be an investigation. But, unless there are some very unusual circumstances it will start with the presumption that the shooting was justified. But that won't be the case if [B
you[/B] shoot someone, even if the circumstances clearly indicate that it was justified.

Round here none involved will be allowed to leave the scene until everything they had with them is turned over, including all clothes. They must call someone to bring them a change of clothes. They have to go through a lot before being released and nothing is determined till the investigation by an outside source is completed. If evidence is found of a questionable nature, it isn't good for those involved.

The problem most suffer with is not expecting or preparing to handle the situation after they were forced to shoot. Law enforcement knows what to expect after a discharge, people greatly need to have in place BEFORE the discharge whatever it takes to protect them in the legal system. Most see the end of it when the attacker is stopped, that's far from the end of the attack.

People can't just shoot somebody and believe that's the end of it, there's a lot more after that and people can't be mistaken about in who's hands they are going to be in, a highly inefficient and grossly abusive of powers grip. Get your legal guns in order as well, you mean little to the system, don't expect to be understood unless you have friends in the right places.

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