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Originally Posted by CalHunter View Post
Being under the influence of alcohol or any drug in a homicide/murder/manslaughter case generally does mean something to the judge, lawyers and jury. The automatic question asked is would the incident have happened if the person were not under the influence.
It is unfortunate if there will be an automatic assumption that use of alcohol/illicit substances, confers guilt or fault. Still, it's fair to be considered.

Just heard Travon had T8C in his blood(marijuana).Zimmerman said he followed him because he thought he was on drugs.Strange,NBC had it that Travon was returning from Bible class or something similar.So maybe he was just a thug?
Or maybe he just indulged at some time in the recent past - perhaps that night - which doesn't neccesarily mean anything. Or it could mean his judgement was a bit hindered. Doesn't justify getting shot (assaulting someone does, though, IMO)
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