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Originally Posted by LBR View Post
Zimmerman has no chance of a normal life after this. It's plain idiotic. Who was the black guy who killed the infant in a drive-by in Chicago the same week as the Zimmerman/Martin conflict? Nobody knows, nobody cares. It was a black baby murdered by a black guy. That's just not newsworthy, and certainly doesn't deserve comments from bho.
That is what makes this such a tabloid type case. Race...race...race. The trial goes on and on and my bet is the judge dreads the outcome and the aftermath. Find Zimmerman guilty and there is dancing in the streets. Find him innocent and there are riots in the streets and we will have to be subjected to Al Sharpton with his bad haircut and cheap suit fanning the flames.

They have a back ground recording of the fight with screaming. One would think through technology there would be a way to figure out if they came from a 17 year old black man or a twenty something caucasian.

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