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I had her twice last night..
Here's why I whole heartedly beleive I lost them both..

I have a Bible reading I do change my heart...I read the morning and afternoon but rushed out the door after dinner ..and did not read the 3 chapters that I should..I hooked into 16 bass ..2 were over 8 easily..I boated 2 dinks..When I went to leave the truck was acting up...stuck in low 4 wheel drive..Today..I will do all my readings and try again..

My best fish yesterday I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to try a new point..I pitched the side tracked ..looked back and the slack line was tightning fast..the sign if a big fish..I set the hook..and this fish {God as my witness} stripped at least 15 yds of line straight out to the middle...I was simply holding on and the Quantum 1310 drag was as safely tight as I could make it..She was bolting to the top and leaped out totally ..her head about the diameter of a paint can with that thick rectangular body..shook like a train throwing my worm..this was about number 12 of the 3 hour fising trip..I hung my head down and said "WHy Lord"?

About an hour prior of that I was pitching a favorite cat tail spot..pick and zing..I set the hook. The fish did not look bigger than 5 1/ I didn['t take it real serious..We played for a while..she never did jump but I could see her about 10 iches below the urface..I purposely got her about 5 yds away from the vegetated shoreline..As I was getting ready to net her..CRAP!!!!!!!!She some how turned into the biontic bass and went straight back to the shoreline stripping a tightnened drag...wrapped around a willow tree..and broke off..

Plan to day ..feeling led of course..
Change Rods..same reel
I painted some BB split shots red this morning to get ready..I had run out.

and let's do it again.{-;

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