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Originally Posted by Catus Magnus View Post
I'll do it: it's none of the gubmint's damned business what a free man eats, drinks, smokes, or grows in his garden. that, and the War on (some) Drugs is a freakin' disaster. From weekly SWAT to forfeiture booty, it's a bad deal for free men. It's a fine boondoggle for lots of gov't fiefdoms & LE.

The problem with weed, in particular, is the war is so out of proportion to any 'harm', and the difficulty in overcoming it is... waaaay too many people make bank (see the boondoggle list above, and cartels in Mexico)
I'd also like to add that I think it's unconstitutional anyways. The alcohol prohibition required an amendment. We also have to consider that the 14th Amendment applied the due process clause to the states, so I also don't think the states have a legitimate interest in banning it.
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