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That's right, just give up. More loans from China will clear all those problems.
What? If it costs too much, get rid of it until a solution is found that's worthwhile. It's like the death penalty. There's no point trying to get vengeance if the taxpayers are going to be hooked paying a lot of extra legal expenses.

How you use dirty needles from drugs causing epidemic HIV in Russia to back up your argument that we should legalize drugs here is just absolutely astounding. Where one approach is not to let it get started, yours is apparently let it go and deal with the mess later. The latter is hopelessly shortsighted, but I don't think that's going to sink in on you, based on what I've seen you post over the years.
So you would want to pay for the needle exchange programs without taxing the drug?

I like how you completely dodge the rest like the substitution of inferior goods (read: laced drugs, meth here in comparison to krokodil in Russia) or the problems of alcohol.

Let's just tax the bejeezus out of everyone so that we can pay for every "choice" that someone might one day "abuse."
It would cost less. You don't have to pay for as much law enforcement. You don't have to pay as much because they're not in jail for drug offenses etc, and the drug would be taxable and cut off revenue from drug gangs.

Or, let's apply some liberal logic from elsewhere in contemporary legislative genesis. So, "let's legalize pot". However, you must purchase "drug insurance" in the event you do something under the influence that harms someone else. You must store it securely or face confiscation and fine. And, we're going to add a nickel tax for each sheet of paper you roll into a fat one. After all - those are all "sane" ideas from the liberals when it comes to firearms ownership. And, let's do it for alcohol, too! It's not like we're actually "banning" it, right?
No one was arguing for drug insurance.

Originally Posted by CalHunter View Post
Bigbuck22, why don't you simply state WHY you think marijuana should legalized? And if it were legalized, how would you propose to deal with the inevitable problems that result?
You act as if everyone would turn into potheads. Do we have Russia's alcohol rate here with alcohol legalized in both places? No.

They want a high. You probably want a buzz. I've already mentioned various other things that you didn't want to reply to, so you could look at that post.

Thank you. Pot smokers always claim there's no effect but that really isn't correct.
So does alcohol. And alcohol has clear-cut syndrome for babies in the womb that have to put up with their mom drinking. Maybe even spontaneous abortion!

Moderate alcohol intake in pregnancy and the risk of spontaneous abortion.

"We conclude that women consuming > or =5 drinks/week are at increased risk of first trimester spontaneous abortion."
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