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Originally Posted by BigBuck22 View Post
We had a similar issue with fingerprinting for food stamps not being worthwhile.
That's right, just give up. More loans from China will clear all those problems.

How you use dirty needles from drugs causing epidemic HIV in Russia to back up your argument that we should legalize drugs here is just absolutely astounding. Where one approach is not to let it get started, yours is apparently let it go and deal with the mess later. The latter is hopelessly shortsighted, but I don't think that's going to sink in on you, based on what I've seen you post over the years.

Let's just tax the bejeezus out of everyone so that we can pay for every "choice" that someone might one day "abuse."

Or, let's apply some liberal logic from elsewhere in contemporary legislative genesis. So, "let's legalize pot". However, you must purchase "drug insurance" in the event you do something under the influence that harms someone else. You must store it securely or face confiscation and fine. And, we're going to add a nickel tax for each sheet of paper you roll into a fat one. After all - those are all "sane" ideas from the liberals when it comes to firearms ownership. And, let's do it for alcohol, too! It's not like we're actually "banning" it, right?

But, rest assured, you're staying absolutely true to your liberal roots. Create a problem, then spend someone else's money to not quite fix it so that you can come back later and justify spending more of someone else's money.

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