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Originally Posted by Champlain Islander View Post
I was just reading an article in todayís local paper on how the VT legislature is looking at decimalizing small amounts of MJ and making possession of less than an ounce similar to a traffic ticket. It would still be illegal to have a small amount but the penalty would go from a criminal court to a judicial court. I canít say I agree with this method of controlling drugs. Taking the criminal penalty away will just make it far easier for people to get it and use it. I know the argument comparing it to alcohol but there are laws concerning possession of alcohol by a minor and they are there to protect them and society just like current marijuana laws. Softening the penalties doesnít make it more right to violate the law.
California did this a while back--less than 1 oz is an infraction for which you get a traffic ticket and a $100 fine in traffic court. California also has medical marijuana which has pros and cons and is somewhat of a quagmire.
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