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Originally Posted by LBR View Post
No idea. How much?

Some quick figures there... don't have time to do much more today yet, I'll look into it more later.

With taxed and regulated marijuana, federal and state governments would suddenly free up $26 billion spent annually on the failed drug war. And the additional tax revenue taken in, assuming the states regulate and tax the sale of marijuana, would mean an additional $46 billion in tax revenue every year.
Originally Posted by LBR View Post
Kinda' off topic, but we've already seen proof that throwing more money at our education system doesn't work.
More musing than going off topic.

Originally Posted by LBR View Post
Tobacco is highly addictive and causes a lot of harm.
Sure is... can you say there isn't a war on tobacco in this country?

Originally Posted by LBR View Post
I dunno. Maybe prescribed by a legitimate M.D., after it's ok'd by the FDA?
Too many high-powered anti-legalization groups in the mix to let that happen. The FDA will ok it when they are allowed to.

Originally Posted by LBR View Post
So...make another substance that could do the same thing legal? Why is that supposed to make sense?
People are still going to do it. People are still going to drink.

No one should drink and drive, it isn't legal... but every day someone gets behind the wheel. It doesn't have to make sense.

Originally Posted by LBR View Post
Would it really matter to you? Honestly--no sarcasm intended.

I have a good friend that just retired from working as an LEO. His personal experience is that stoners aren't just laid-back, mellowed out, harmless types, anymore than drunks are like Otis from Mayberry RFD. Different people react differently.
I've never met a violent/crazed person that only did pot... a mixture of things though. But, I haven't met everyone, so you've got me there.

Originally Posted by LBR View Post
Who goes to prison for pot? Increased revenue...and increased expenses. Same failed argument used for cigs, booze, lottery, casinos, etc. Better music???? It hasn't helped Willie Nelson or Bob Marley.....
There are scores of people in prison for pot, revenue would increase undoubtedly in my mind, but I can't prove it will. You can't prove it wouldn't.

I love Willie and Bob... that's just a matter of personal opinion though.

Either way, it comes down to personal freedom... I'm not going to stop, but I'd like to see it legal. I'm not a criminal.
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