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Originally Posted by Gm54-120 View Post
The biggest problem i have with it being illegal is the huge number of people who are incarcerated for a simple possession and those that grow for personal use instead of funding some cartel in Mexico are looking at the longest sentences.

Originally Posted by Gm54-120 View Post
I dont really have as much of a problem with a states making it illegal, at least not anymore than i have a problem with them having dry counties or banning 190 proof EverClear.

The biggest problem with complete legalization is drug testing. Pot stays in your system much longer than most drugs. Get in an accident at work that requires testing and you canl show positive even after a month. A DUI test would look the same whether you were guilty of used days earlier.
Emphasis is mine.

To me, the old saying applies "it goes with the territory."

If you work in a position where you could possibly be injured while on the job and you KNOW that it will lead to a drug test, then you probably shouldn't risk using it. Right?

It should be a personal choice, but right now, it's not.
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