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Originally Posted by LBR View Post
That's one of the major excuses that gets tossed around--the "War on Drugs" is wasteful, hasn't been effective, will never work, etc. etc. etc. so end it. Legalizing pot won't fix anything.
Do you know how much money would be saved if Game Wardens/Conservation officers, Local Police, Federal Agents, DEA, etc. etc. stopped targeting marijuana consumers and producers?

I don't, but I'll bet it's a hefty sum... couldn't we spend that money on, I dunno, education? That's one that comes to mind.

The War on Drugs should remain the "war on drugs." Focus efforts on actual drugs that actually harm people and are highly addictive in nature.

Originally Posted by LBR View Post
Pot isn't "harmless medicine". It may have legitimate medicinal purposes--if so, I have no problem with that. I know you aren't an idiot, and that's what you would have to be to think people would only use it for medicinal purposes.
What qualifies as a 'medicinal purpose?'

I'm no fool, and know you aren't either, but there are much worse LEGAL medicines that are being abused by recreational users.

Oxycontin and other opiates readily come to mind.

Originally Posted by LBR View Post
So, suppossedly you can't o.d. on pot. I guess you can't get high and do something stupid and get yourself killed, and/or kill others in the process?
The same could be said for booze... drunk drivers kill themselves and others non-stop. We're not going to make beer illegal.

On the other hand, I'd like to see someone cite a reference where someone used marijuana and killed themselves or others.

Originally Posted by LBR View Post
What good could possibly come from making it legal?
At the very least... lower prison populations, increased tax revenue and better music.
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