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The war on drugs should continue for drugs that can kill in one use, cocaine, meth, ecstasy, etc. etc. Don't end the war on drugs, end the war on harmless medicine.
That's one of the major excuses that gets tossed around--the "War on Drugs" is wasteful, hasn't been effective, will never work, etc. etc. etc. so end it. Legalizing pot won't fix anything.

Pot isn't "harmless medicine". It may have legitimate medicinal purposes--if so, I have no problem with that. I know you aren't an idiot, and that's what you would have to be to think people would only use it for medicinal purposes.

So, suppossedly you can't o.d. on pot. I guess you can't get high and do something stupid and get yourself killed, and/or kill others in the process?

What good could possibly come from making it legal?
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