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Default Modified CVA Hex Head Breech Plug

Through the past two years or so, folks have been mailing me their hex CVA breech plugs to modify, so they would be more reliable igniting Blackhorn powder. Here lately it seems that most that wanted this work done have done so, and just about every one that was having issues igniting Blackhorn powder has dealt with the problem. This post is directed to those few remaining folks, that still want a modified old style breech plug to insure ignition of Blackhorn powder.

Remaining in hand are about a dozen hex head CVA plugs still in the original packaging. What i will do for those interested, is enlarge the flame channel of these plugs to 5/32".

Create a recess on the powder end, and tap the flame channel to receive a standard vent liner.

These modified plugs will reliably ignite Blackhorn powder in virtually all conditions. Cost for this work and plug will be $35 mailed, and will include a vent liner.

This work can be easily done by folks with a basic drill press as shown.
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