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Originally Posted by junkmonkey17 View Post
is reloading your own ammo really worth it after buying a kit and everything? i was also wondeirng if it would save me money if i reload my 9mm bullets or if it is cheaper just to buy the bullets from the store. post your opinion and if you dont mind post a kit or starter kit that yall like because i might start
Cost is not the only factor. I handload, you don't. I have components to load and shoot dozens of guns, if you don't have ammo right now for yours...good luck finding it.
So bottomline, not only can I shoot what and when I want, I can do it cheaper than you.
Most of my handloading equipment is old so it was paid for a very long time ago. But I sill think its cost effective if you shoot much. I figure you could start for less than $300....including components for at least one chambering.

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