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I use a 270 Weatherby for Mule deer and I have shot Mule deer with a .270 win.
since you are traveling and obviously spending some money on the trip I would strongly recommend using a premium bullet such as a nosler Partition,Accubond or Barnes TSX. The problem with .270s is they get scootin along pretty good and with standard cup and core bullets they fragment so badly. especially at close range (high velocity) I have used nosler B-tips and the entrance hole was much larger than the exit when hitting a rib. The deer did die instantly however I would prefer a bullet to hold together better and cause less meat damage.
last year I shot a nice 4 point (east coast 10 pointer) with a 300 wsm 150 gr. accubonds.left the barrel at close to 3250 fps and was pleasantly surprised at the lack of meat damage on the offside shoulder. the shot was around 80 yards.
Good luck with your Hunt
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