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Now that I captured your attention...

I’ve been loading the daughters gun with Hornady 100gr BTSP Interlock’s for deer and they have been performing well. I used the 85 gr. Barnes and they didn’t seem to knock them down as well and create a nice would channel.

She wants to hunt bear next year and I really don’t want to get into that debate whether a 243 is enough. She likes her gun and is a great shot, with a lot of patients. We have enough bear around the 250-300 pound class that she can nail within 100 yards. Her gun is the Ruger compact with a 16.5 inch barrel and a 1:9’’ twist. I’ve been able to achieve around 2900 fps with the Hornady 100gr BTSP Interlock’s so it produces enough velocity.

The question I have, is there premium bullet I can load for this gun that will produce better results for penetration and wound size for bear. I was looking at the following:
1. Speer Grand Slam 100gr
2. Hornady Interbond 85gr
3. Nosler Accubond 90 gr
4. Swift Scirocco II 90gr
5.Your suggestion________
If you have any loads for the above, please share Thanks

Should this thread be on the big game forum?

Her latest achievement attached.

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