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Default Heading West for a mule deer hunt next year

Next year we are heading out West for a mule deer hunt on public land. Here's some info: My uncle and cousin have already hunted out there and I'm going out there with them and two other cousins all three of us are new to this.

My questions are this;

1.) I use a 270 for whitetail back here in PA, is this gun sufficient enough for a mule deer kill? I just got it two years ago and I'm 2 for 2 on the buck kill range but it doesn't make that killing hole like my 30-06 used to.
2.) We are going to hunt public ground, what can I expect about the quality of land and what if any are problems to deal with while hunting public land?
3.) Any other information I'll need while out there? I am leaving it up to my cousin and uncle to let us know how the licenses work and when to get them.

Thanks, I can't wait to get out there. Should be a fun cross country trip even if I don't tag out.
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