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Im 48 and I have been hunting for only 20yrs which is not much. Unfortunately I live in the city and did not have the facility until later years. In my opinion, you should not jump into a property in Texas right now. Texas is has such vast terrain that I would use the money to go on hunts on different parts of Texas so you can see what area you like most. It would be a mistake to buy something and then find out you could of bought somewhere else which suited your need better. That said, if you still wish to buy land, the best bang for the buck will be West Texas. You can find acreage there around $500/acre. The area I like most is Hill Country because of the landscape and variety of exotics in the area. The area is spectacular. The other area is west of Lubbock. The terrain is flatter but is has some beautiful canyons and flat top mesas that will take your breath away. The hunting there is also excellent. You really need to know what you want in order to buy a piece of land, if not you will end up regretting it. I am 20yrs in and not completely sure which area I would like to buy into. Anyways here are just some for your entertainment





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