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Good luck Talondale.

There is a good chunk of timber behind my folks place and about 12 years ago when i started hunting, I shot my first deer (doe) back there just about 40 yds behind the house. I haven't been back there since. There were some nice bucks back there then but they stopped coming around. Anyhow, i was at my parents place Saturday getting some wood they have and as I'm pulling away, I just thought to myself...Just walk back there where you had that stand and see if you see any signs or whatever. Deer many of times have come into their backyard to eat the accorns and drink from the pool. I tell myself no just go on and leave but then curiosity gets me and off I go. I walk back there and not 5 minutes go by I spot some white in some thick green ivy stuff. I walk over and sure enough it's a full skull 8 pt about 110". Everything was there, spine and all. The antlers were bleached white already and 90% of the skull was picked clean but there was still a little skin and hair around the base of one antler. It made me think that maybe that happened during early season maybe, it looked somewhat fresh but the white antlers kind of throw me off. Not that it matters but would everything already be that white if this deer died this year? I have never found a shed or skull before so I have no idea. Just wondering. Cool find but where the G3 and MainBeam connect was broken off. Has 6" brow tines.
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