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Didnt start deer hunting until I was 22 as I mostly fished the first part of deer season and when the tournaments stopped in November it was time to get ready for duck season. When I finally did start deer hunting first one was a 130 pound 6 point. Didnt even have to really wait long either got him 3rd week of the season. I obviously let some does walk and then some 4 pointers and a few spikes because who wants their first deer to be small. I figured 6 was a nice starting point. Wish I let him walk as well cause then my first deer would have been an 8 cause I shot one from the same stand a week later. Still happy with a 6 though seeing how most of my friends' firsts were either does or spikes. Have the rack outside with the rest of them. Even though theres about 25-30 out there I can still pick mine out right away.

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