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Default Father and son hunt!!!

Got to finally go hunting with my dad this past holiday weekend. I live about 4 hours away and dont get to hunt with him near as much as i would like to, being young and starting a family and career and all. But i got to tag along with him back home on a rifle deer hunt on some of my old stomping grounds and man was it a blast. we sat by a big cottonwood tree just before light and got to bull**** about old times for awhile when all of a sudden, right at daybreak this big guy shows up and shuts down the conversation. Usually my dad chokes on big deer but not on this one. after the deer was down and we walked up to it i said " thats the biggest whitetail you have ever taken" and he looked up at me and said " and you get to be by my side for it". That is the closest i have come to shedding a tear in a long time. here is the pick.

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