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Originally Posted by streetglideok View Post
I guess I'm one of those ones who still feel the 223/5.56NATO is a marginal man killer, and still less than ideal for big game. Obviously you are a decent marksman, but alot of hunters lack the skill needed to use a 223 for deer. I fail to see what there is to prove in using a varmint rifle with a heavier bullet in taking big game. People poach deer, and other big game with 22 rimfires, so a 22 caliber can kill animals, but the margin of error with any of the 22 calibers is small. Hit one bone wrong, and it just deflected and wounded an animal. These creatures deserve the same respect as you do, and should be put down quickly, with adequate firepower. There have been some well known hunters who used the 7x57 on african game in the past, and plenty of elephants have dropped to them, however, things go wrong, and when they do, that little gun is not going to cut it. The 223 IMO is the same situation, and asking plenty of servicemen who fought in the last 10 years alone, will back up the notion that the cartridge may work great in perfect conditions on humans, but when the chips are down, you are putting multiple bullets in the same somalian as he is charging you. Keep in mind, us humans are relatively soft, and roll over and die easily. Big game animals can take alot more and keep trucking, even with expanding bullets. No insult is intended to the OP, but I fail to see the justification in using a pea shooter on deer to prove something. To me, if you really want to prove something, take a 458Lott out, and shoot it accurately and take it hunting. That takes some

Flame on.
puuuh leeze. the 556 is designed to hurt humans, cause it takes another man outta the fight, because they have to have someone carry the wounded.
as far as is a pic of my 9 y/o who just shot her 1st deer and fox this youth season. all she has shot before is paper.

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pro? not yet anyways, but her deer did a 20 yard death leap and landed to never move again, except to where we dragged it. a lil practice and you too can shoot like her.
btw, this isn't a freak 14y/o has been hunting since she was 9 too, all animals taking by a 223. until a year or 2 ago when i got her a 7mm-08...maybe you shouldn't hunt with a 223, but that doesn't mean everyone can't shoot!
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