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Isn't that the truth!! Well here's the story I got in the stand at about 3 and heard a crash when I got up. I thought I jumped 1 but it didn't sound like it ran away. The wind was blowing pretty good and it was about 34 out with out the wind chill it made my eyes water! Then at 5:30 the wind just stopped! Shortly after that I hear a stick break and here he comes just like he read the script. I draw back he walks into a shooting lane I try a soft grunt to stop him no luck. Next lane I give off a loud grunt a no dice. A small window comes up and I whistle this deer is on a mission and I start thinking about aabout a 7 moving shot then he crosses a tree and stops staring upwind and I let him have it!. About a 70 yard track job and we found him in the swamp! If I have to fill out the sheet I will after work I was getting late when we strung the guy.
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