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Not to start a pi$$ing contest here but I beg to differ with Night Crawler. I am a huge fan of the 308 Win. this is my hunting cartridge of choice for medium game. However the 270 Win. is especially suited for medium game and performs exceptionally well in the field with the 130 gr. bullet wt., with most factory loads pushing it at about 3100 fps +/- at the muzzle. Compare this with a typical 7 mm Rem. Magnum, 140 gr. bullet set-up .... factory loads are at about 3200 fps at the muzzle. Run any ballistics programs and you'll see that zeroed at 200 yards, the so called "drop" of these two are practically identical at 400 - 500 yards, with only about 1" difference. The 308 Win. which really performs well with 165 gr. bullets .... the muzzle velocity of a typical factory load is about 2750 fps +/-. Does not take a physics major to see right off the bat that zeroed at 200 yards, that the "drop" of this 308 Win. load is more than either of the above.
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