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The best scent, many say, is no scent. But in your case, an effective cover scent would be your bait. Store your clothes over your bait. Make sure your clothes are washed in scent-free detergent and hung out to dry. A shower before hunting with a scent-free soap (like hunters soap or Ivory scent-free) and no shampoos or deodorants helps a lot. Spray your clothes with scent-killer type spray. (not a cover scent, but odorless). Position your blind so deer will not likely travel behind you. Then hunt so the bait is upwind from you and only hunt only on those days. I have tried Evercalm cover scent and had success with this as well, but I also had success without it following in all the guidelines just discussed. Keep well concealed too - sudden movement detected puts the deer on super-alert. Remember that a deer downwind from you (in a ground blind) will nearly always spook at some point regardless of what you do, so avoid that situation. Truthfully, you might want to try a different spot for the rest of this season - once you get busted a time or two the deer will always be looking for you and on high alert in that area.

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