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Originally Posted by fshafly2 View Post

I haven't killed a buck the past two years because I've know that some very nice bucks are possible in that area. It doesn't bother me to eat my buck tag(s) at the end of the season. In my younger days, I would have had a heart attack or nervous breakdown before I could have ever got an arrow off at that 10 ptr, lol.

Good to have a supporting wife! My wife too is an "enabler".

Then we need to talk about a lease for next year)))). Passing bucks down here is hard but I do it all the time. So many 105- bucks walk by each year and I let them go. I made my standard many years ago and try to stick with it, the only time that standard changes is if I see a critical injured deer or a very unique racked buck. Even at that they have to be close to the standard.


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