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I decided many moons ago, ESPECIALLY when chasing old bucks... the LAST thing you want to do is start them looking/smelling/expecting ANYTHING! It's hard enough to fool them long enough to have them come sauntering by you without figuring out you are nearby and about to drop the hammer on them. The LAST thing I want to do is cue up their senses and put them on the lookout for whatever it is xyzpdq product may or may not cause them to do.

"3-d camo", scent containment, sprays, scents, bla bla bla... just a bunch of CRAP whose BIGGEST purpose is to seperate the consumer from his $$$. That's fine and dandy, this is America and we are a consumer driven economy but for alot of these clowns I think they honestly believe their own garbage and I REALLY get mad when they induce the young/novice hunters into believing that WITHOUT all these gadgets, gizmos, tricks and hooey that success is impossible.

JUST GO GET DOWNWIND OF A LIKELY SPOT AND WAIT!!! This aint "rocket surgery".
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