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It depends. I have only been hunting a few years, but what I have learned so far is that you have to find the right time to use that stuff. The more experience you have, the better you'll be and knowing what those times are. I know without a doubt that I killed my biggest buck due to the Primos can call (the "estrous bleat"). Someone told me to blow thru the call to increase the volume. One morning, I waited about 30 min after sunrise and blew through the call. Immediately, a nice 9-point came out of nowhere and into the open woods with reckless abandon, looking for the source of that sound. The next sound he heard was muzzle blast.

But, I also know that calls and scents can hurt you. I sprayed a buck bomb the opening morning of muzzleloader last season, and I will tell you what, I saw any deer that got even remotely close start to act extremely skiddish, and not the same way they act when I know I've been winded. This was different, and I believe it was the buck bomb that did it.

This year I'm going to use the can call, and perhaps a grunt call, but no estrous scents.
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