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Default Shooting a doe before the rut

I'm conflicted as to whether or not I should shoot a doe in the next couple weeks leading up to the rut here in WI. I think things will really start picking up this weekend with a 20 degree drop in temps and a high pressure system moving through. I would like to get one more doe in the freezer to make it worth my while to bring in a batch of venison to the processor, and I would love to get it in before gun season starts and they get too bogged down.

It would be great to get a doe that's going into estrus and save her tarsal glands, but realistically the chances are slim a hot doe would have at least a few bucks following her, especially if she's one of the first in the area to go into heat. Should I keep my eyes open for a good shot on a doe knowing they'll be going into heat in the next couple weeks if I leave them be, or just be out looking for Mr. Big?

I have 2 does in the freezer already and will have ample time and spots to do some late season bow hunting after things settle down from the gun hunt, so I may just put off shooting another doe until the smoke clears. I had this same dilemma last night as I walked into the woods for a quick hunt in the fog/drizzle, luckily I only saw a couple fawns right at dusk.

What are your thoughts on shooting does this close to the rut?
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