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Originally Posted by PREDATE View Post
Do I detect a bit of sarcasm in that sentence??? Can you tell us what you were hunting for? Was it bigger than a skunk?
I have dispatched ALOT of skunks with a .22lr (with only 1 shot).
Haha yaa I was being sarcastic. I was hunting for coyotes at the time. The .308 is even a bit big for them, but I sold my 5.56 AR15 and bought the .308 Ruger American Rifle for deer and pig, and figured, I can still hunt coyotes with it because I don't keep pelts. Or just use FMJ. If I was out hunting skunks or squirels, I would just use my shotgun.

But I was very supprised how much stink those skunks let out.
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