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This is a VERY hard question to answer without knowing your personal preferences and how/where and for what you'll be hunting...Here might be some general guidelines though.

Stabilizer-go to your local shop and shoot your bow with several to see what feels best on your set up...that's really the only way to pick a good one

Sight-Do you want fixed pin (my preference) or a moveable pin, or a combo...G5 makes a sight that has one fixed pin and one that's adjustable which is kind of nice, but it's a pricey little sight...I've been a BIG fan of Cobra sights, they're very sturdy and the fiber optics pick up TONS of light. They offer fully supported pins which makes them last much longer and makes you not have to worry about pulling a fiber out of the pin.

Arrow rest-either you can get a full capture like a whisker biscuit or a drop away...I would recommend a drop away and really like the ripcord code red or the G5 Expert Pro. Each has it's pros and cons and it really depends on how you hunt.

For me quivers don't matter a whole lot because I take it off when I get to where I'm hunting so as long as it holds my arrows that's all I really care about so I don't have much info on them. My G5 Halo works just fine for me though.
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