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Went out this a.m. and had a pretty eventful morning. Had 3 does behind me in the beans but they were directly behind me. I had no shot. They stayed there for at least 20 minutes and they worked away from me. Then sitting in my stand I was looking at the ground just under and behind my stand when I seen a shadow moving. Everything was completely still so I slowly went to stand up and all I seen was a tail take off running. So I messed that opportunity up. Then seen 3 more does in the middle of the field when I heard some big footsteps breaking branches coming towards me. Heart was pounding when he stepped out. Man he was big. But wait a minute, why the heck is there a bull coming into the beans?? So I called up the landowner quick and we ended up having to chase this bull around to get him back to the pasture. Always next weekend!
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