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Originally Posted by Parrot Head View Post
.... She did say when they were dating she was the one that had to always call and go over and she pushed him into getting married. Dont know if that matters. Any other questions just let me know.
You don't know if that matters? Are you serious? matters.
It sounds to me like she is always telling him what to do.....He is being bossed around by her and he is tired of it.

Would YOU like to have someone telling YOU what to do all the time? I think not!

You need to do shouldn't do that....
Have you done this yet? When are you going to do that?...

You shouldn't say this, you shouldn't look at them that way....

You shouldn't feel that way...will you get me a glass of water?

Our grass needs to be mowed.....When is the last time you changed the oil in my car?

REALLY???? You don't know if it matters? OH MY GOD!!!
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