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Sorry I havenet gotten back. This is not me or involve me. My wife teaches here in the building with me and we are friends with this girl and her husband. He is a very nice guy but he is very quiet. He takes very good care of her and the kids and is a great dad. I asked her what they use to talk about and she said she always had to make the converstation but now she is tired of always being the one to do it. She told him she was not happy in April and all he said was I will sleep on the couch. SHe is going to coun. for herself and also going to marriage coun. I know in Coun. and at home she has told him she cant stand to be in the same room with him and dreads coming home even told him he breaths to loud. This is from her not me. She did say when they were dating she was the one that had to always call and go over and she pushed him into getting married. Dont know if that matters. Any other questions just let me know.
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