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I shoot the exact same bow at a 29" draw. I'm shooting roughly 55lbs and with a 415gr arrow/broadhead it shoots around 250fps, which is plenty for deer. The arrows I use are carbon express mayhem 250's at 30" with 100gr broadheads. I like it so far. My first recommendation would be to get a new string for it if it still has the factory string. The factory string is junk if you are going to shoot very much. My peep would twist like crazy and the string wasn't holding up too well. I hunt out of a ground blind a lot (turkeys) and one of my main deer stands requires me to stay sitting down to shoot, and the short axle to axle length of the xs makes this much easier compared to bigger bows.

One thing that may not bother you at all, but I am somewhat OCD about, is you really need an adjustable height quiver or your arrow nocks will stick out way past your bow on the bottom. I bought a trophy ridge "threat" quiver and mounted the bracket right at the top of the riser and it keeps the arrows tucked in to the bow, and the ends don't stick out past the limbs on either side.
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