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Originally Posted by nchawkeye View Post
And that is the problem, too many folks "thinking" instead of actually trying themselves and seeing what really happens...

Ask these fellows how many does a buck can tend, it will suprise you some of the answers...It's not as many as most think...

What most don't consider in the case of raising big deer is the doe...Remember, she accounts for 50% of those genes...If she is healthy that young buck will too...

If you put 20 cows on 20 acres they won't have enough to eat...Put 5 on and they will...

Wanna keep those bucks on your property??? Foodplots, the more the merrier...Bedding areas, sanctuaries...Keep their belly full and give them a place where they think they are safe and they won't go far...
Sorry, didn't mean to upset you by letting you know the opinions and facts i've gathered from others. I've actually discussed this with people who HAVE done it and their still are valid points for both sides.

For some people "actually trying it" is a little easier said than done. The time to takes to bring down a doe herd on 500 to 1000 acres is a lot less than asking opinions on a forum. Plus, this is a place to ask for peoples opinions, I'm not asking for a land specialist.

While I see your point with Sanctuaries,food plots and bedding areas (all which we have on the land I hunt). You can have all of those three but if the neighbors property has all the does, they will be on the neighbors land more than anything.

Compare it to be out bar hoping in your college years. You can eat and sleep at home, but when your out and about, your going to be looking for the ladies and if one bar has zero and a bar down the street is full of tall blondes, I can tell you the bar you won't be at and the bar you will be spending all your time at.
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