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Absolutely, a better buck-doe ratio leads to much more visible rutting activity. That is why large tracts and/or high fencing is so desireable for true herd mgmt. And that's why the guys on TV aren't hunting in National Forrests but instead on highly managed, private herds. "Deer hunting the way we wish it was" is really not natural, it's MADE the way we want it via management. Essentially, un-managed, let nature take it's course, unlimited pressure deer hunting is what you see on public land!

If you have a typical, small 50-100acre tract surrounded by more typical small tracts with a mis-match, hodge podge of mgmt techniques going on then I think the only thing you can do is manage the LAND ITSELF for maximum productivity. But then you aren't truly managing the herd itself! Whacking does will reduce the pressure on the available foodsupply on your land which can possibly make it more "desireable and attractive to bucks" but it's like wise going to make it more desireable to ALL deer so you are almost fighting a loosing battle. Constantly hammering does only puts more gunfire noise and blood scent on the area. Doesn't do much for keeping the "hunting pressure" light in areas you hope to attract big bucks into striking range!

That's why I pretty much don't allow whackin does during the prime mating time when me and my guests are after trophies. I would rather does be harvested during archery season and then a "mad rush" for doe whackin after New Years for the last few days of gun season!
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