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There have been numerous publications on studies that promote doe harvesting for an optimal population balance for an areas whitetail herd. One of the benefits of creating such a balance for the herd is that it promotes competition between bucks. A necessary level of competition is not only healthy for the herd but promotes better genetics in the herd overall. More mature bucks with better genetics will eventually start to show as smaller or more inferior bucks will have much fewer chances to breed a doe compared in an area that has a low buck to doe ratio. This, with compared to how it is now in a lot of areas with ratios of 1:6 or even higher like in my area its 1:10+ its ridiculous. Bucks in areas like these virtually have no competition and do not have to venture far out of their home ranges if they do at all. As for venturing onto your neighbors, it depends on how much land your hunting and where the bucks home range is (remember a bucks home range can be any shape and is typically 1 sq. mi but it could be completely linear) thats a tough question to pose and answer. But yeah it works and it's very beneficial! I'm all for takin' does and lettin' dem little bucks grow!

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