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Hey Eastern, congrats to you and your wife. What kind of baby was it? a boy? girl? goldfish? I'm sure Kurt can give you tons of advice if you need it.
Wacker, that sounds like a real exciting trip. Glad you were caught up in them most of the time. I know I've had my fair share of tag soup. Thanks for posting the pictures. Looks like an extremely challenging environment.
Great looking goat, Dakota. Again, just like Wacker, doesn't look like you had much cover to work with. Nice job! Good luck in NM. They have some giants out there.
Bucktail, give us a report from your sunflower field. I hope it's looking pretty good.
Hey, did anyone get a new bow or anything to 'supplement' the season? I'm not changing a thing except I'm looking to upgrade some of my video gear. Looking to get a better tree arm, fluid head, and mic. I just need to pull the trigger. That's hard to do sometimes.
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