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Originally Posted by Ridge Runner View Post
Not wanting to take anything away from that buck, because its an absolute giant, but
In my way of thinking, its impossible for a point that shares the base with another point to be considered typical, make sense?
yes you are correct and that is the issue here. most people do not agree with it and say they are typical point when they are not. they are non-typical points. and even though it is being said the deer is going to panel and will be scored typical that is not true til it is done. the rack is going panel and then the panel before scoring will decide together if it is typical or not. it is the same with every rack that goes panel. the zaft buck went from 206 to 173 because the panel ruled points were non typical. the lovstein buck(albia buck) and the beatty buck both lostmany inchs because the panel ruled and scored different than the original scorers. there are a few deer in the records with common base point that shouldnt be there but that is mostly because they were never panel scored.
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