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Everybody feeling good!!?? Glad to see everyone back on the team this year. Jenna, glad you have your hunting arrangements worked out this year. Last year kinda sucked for you.
HEY, if anyone wants to be the Captain this year please speak up. I have no problems with letting someone else take on the duties.
I'm sure Kurt already has baby camo for his kid that he'll be taking with him out in the field, right?
Joe, you ready to take a bruiser this year?
I'll post a few pictures in the next few days of some of the guys I've caught on the game cams. I think I have 3 different 10 pointers, but only one that has any decent mass. He should score just over 150. Several nice 8 pointers too.
When you check in be sure and let us all know about what's been going on the past year. Would like to hear it all.
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