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Gotta side with jrbsr and any others that said NO. Even with a proper fall restraint!!! If you have one on, and fall, and knock yourself out,,,, yes you have saved yourself from hitting the ground. BUT!!!!! Hanging there in your restraint will cut off the blood flow, and you will DIE!! The restraint is meant to keep you from hitting the ground should you fall. At that point, you can then get ahold of the tree or climbing stick and get yourself to saftey.

That said, my answer to your question is yes. I will climb down and use my pack as a pillow and take a midday nap if I so choose. Never in the tree.

@Mojotex, one of the ones that may have claimed that was the Treelounger. A buddy of mine used to sleep in his till it was light enough to see. Far as I know, with no issues. Still not I would do though.
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