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Default first year of bowhunting! need help with bow

I have been deer hunting since 8 or 9 years old and it is my passion never had any relatives that did bow hunting so never had the urge to get into it this year a close friend has gotten me more excited about it than rifle season so I went out and searched for myself a left handed bow. I searched craigslist and pawn shops and one day on lunch came across a 2011 PSE Stinger fully loaded minus stabilizer with 6 arrows for 180 bucks...couldnt pass it up because it didnt appear to have ever even been shot and I couldnt find a bad review on them. I picked the bow up friday, the draw length is a bit short and the arrows it came with are wrong for the bow they are 30-50s and I have never even shot a compound bow...have to figure out how to setup my draw length and get decent at shooting by opening day september 15th I have permission on several large plots of land for season and chose one in particular to hunt for the majority I have lots of luck there in past. Any advice or tips on shooting, setup, arrows, broadheads...anything would be of great help! Cant believe I didnt find more interest in bow hunting sooner seems to be so much more of a challenge and much more of a rush cant wait for season.

by the way was suggested to get muzzy broadheads with chizzeled tip 100gr fixed 3 blades and to just get terminator carbon express arrows from walmart being my first year..and not to spend too much on stabilizer or release...any thoughts on that? Plan on getting ladder stand to hunt from dont see alot of people bow hunting from ground blinds ?...
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