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Originally Posted by Omega45 View Post
Your Wolf does not have a Bergara barrel. The Optima does not have a Bergara barrel. If CVA wanted them to have Bergara barrels then they would have put a stamped Bergara barrel on it. I do not care what CVA says. It's not a Bergara barrel. I have three Bergara barrels in the safe. I know they are Bergara because they are stamped Bergara. Your Wolfie has no stamp so stating it's a Bergara is confusing people new to the sport.

Where does it say on here that BH209 is smokeless powder? Hmm confusing isn't it.

You and your MR. Seems your "cheap" secret source you posted about has not come through yet. Whats it been 5 months?

BTW.......Powerbelts are the worst overpriced bullets out there.

Heard your a moderator now over on Frontier Muzzleloadin.

The Wolf and Optima barrels are made by Bergara. What would you call them? Who makes them in your vast knowledge?

Look at a package of Powerbelt bullets. Read the pamphlet that comes with them. Look at the address where they're made. Nowhere will you see the words CVA.

I'm not promoting PB's. I use Thors.

Blame CVA for me not having an MR yet. They came late, and not enough of them. It's coming.

If you don't think BH is a smokeless powder detuned to equal power to BP when measure by equal volume. You have your head in the sand. It appears the only criteria for being a BP sub is it has to have equal power when measured by equal volume. The contents of the powder is immaterial.
Why do you think it's outlawed at BP events when all the other subs are legal to use. Do you think they know something you don't? Why do you think Colorado tried to outlaw it? Along with other states too. Why has CAS outlawed BH 209 in the BP classes?
The Dec 2010 issue of Handloader Mag, page 62, 2nd sentence...."B.H.209 is actually a smokeless powder"..

As usual. You're just trying to make trouble. You never contributed anything to the topic question. Your whole purpose of your post was to put me down. You do it over and over.

Very peaceful at Jon's forum since you left.

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