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I will never use a .50 caliber round ball for hunting deer with again. I shot the first deer I ever shot with one and it scared me away from them for hunting forever. The deer was hit at about 15 yards shooting from ground level and dead broadside. after being hit the deer turned and walked straight away from me and headed down a hill. As the deer was about to disappear down the hill and all I could see was the antlers, I saw the antlers sway from left to right and then go down and disappear from sight. The deer went no more than 25 yards but it had not left a drop of blood on the ground from the point where it was sot to the point where it fell. I honestly feel that if the shot had not been placed so well and the deer had run 50 to 100 yards or more I certainly would have never found it due to a lack of a blood trail. The reason for the lack of a blood trail was due to the fact that the round ball never exited the other side of the deer. The round ball was found just under the hide on the opposite side of the entrance wound. The next thing I did was to buy some Maxi Balls and never used a round ball to hunt with again. I always get a pass through with them and there is always an easy to follow blood trail.
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