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Default Flip this question

We always talk about what bullet we would use for hunting and why. Lets flip this conversation. What bullet would you NOT WANT TO USE and why? Now we are talking muzzleloaders of course. So that means roundball, powerbelts, FPB's and the countless brands of pistol and rifle bullets out there .. are all fair game.

The other thing is.. did you ever use this bullet you DON'T like? And under what circumstances did the bullet fail you, or make you feel it was not the best bullet for the job? Or was this a bullet that you heard did not work and so you avoided it?


I will start this off with a couple. First on my hate parade was the T/C MAXI HUNTER. This bullet just would not shoot well. I am sure some use it and its an accurate bullet. But I have tried this thing in a number of rifles, with all kinds of powder charges.. and it just is not hunting accurate.

The next is the Minnie Ball. Again, for the same reasons. Just not accurate enough for me.

Last is a Buffalo Bullet full bore conical hollow point. I found the bullet very accurate or at least hunting accurate for me. I shot the .54 caliber out of my Renegade. But I refused to use it after killing two deer with it. Not because it did not kill the deer. Oh no.. not at all. It killed them too good. I never seen a bullet do so much damage to the meat of a deer as that conical bullet.

The first deer I shot was a moderate to small doe. We had doe tags that year and we always saved them for muzzleloader season as there was a preserve down where I lived and we used to get in there to reduce the doe population. I used to shoot 80 grains of Pyrodex RS with this bullet. And this doe came out broadside. I shot behind the front shoulder into the off shoulder. When I butchered that doe, she was so blood shot, I ended up throwing out one quarter and part of another. It was not even fit for hamburger.

But I wrote that off to just one of those things. So back out in the woods I go, same load. Doe walks in and all I had was a dead on shoulder shot. And I took it. When I butchered her, we might as well have cut the front end of the deer off. Just ruined. I can remember my father chewing me out for using a cannon on the deer.

After that, I went back to roundball and never shot a deer with that conical bullet again. It was a 426 grain as I remember.


So what bullets do you avoid? And why?
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