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Question Trying to clean a Marlin Mod. 50.....

OK I have a Marlin 50. I picked it up for next to nothing. The guy didnt have time to see what was wrong with it. I took it apart but it was hard. the lube that was on it was hard. the bolt was tough to get out. it is missing the "bolt knarl"??? Or is it a charging handle?? Anyway, I did get it apart. nothing seems to be broken. An old shop teacher told me aI should soke the bolt in laqur thinner for a few days and it should remove anything that isn't supposed to be there but would really have to clean that off and only to use a brass brush to clean it. Is this all sounding right? Also he told me to clean the body up use 400 grit sand paper and use linseed oil? Is this right???
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