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First, good luck. My youngest daughter apparently told her grandpa this week that she doesn't care if she catches anything, she just likes to go fishing with him. That's priceless.

I think your success here won't be so much influenced by how much the rifle recoils, but by other factors (not knowing your particular relationship with her or her other interests and "distractions").

Has she been hunting with anyone before?

Are you hunting from a stand, walking/stalking, ... ?

The ONE thing I think I'd recommend you stress - over anything else - is how happy you are to have her going along with you. You might be surprised how much that can mean to a young girl, especially when they're taking on something unfamiliar to them.

As far as the rifle goes, I'm assuming that she's progressed through a .22 already? Mine started there, spent some time with a .223, then a .243. None of them needed to go beyond that caliber for deer. The particular rifle they used has probably introduced more kids (and most of them girls) to hunting than I ever imagined it might. Any chance you know someone who'd loan you a .243? You won't need to deal with the reloading proposition then.

As far as downloding the .308, I think you might be asking for an exercise in frustration there. It's not a hard-kicking caliber in the first place. A lighter bullet will help, but will that lighter bullet perform as it should when you also intend to reduce the velocity at which it's driven? You might consider instead something like Remington's "Managed Recoil" loads. Those for the .308 use a 125-grain bullet driven at a published 2660 fps, or about 180 fps less than what Remington publishes for a 150-gr standard factory load.
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