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Honestly trying to go light on charge behind a light projectile while still trying to achieve effectiveness on game will not get you far. IMO what you should do is keep the 4895 and ditch the 125 for a 150. you can load much lighter behind a 150 and still get a great deal of effectiveness over the 125. the recommended charge for a 125 on 4895 is 47.5 to 52. I tried some 125 sierras a long time ago with 49.4 of 4895. they came out 3022. i like 150 grains pushed by 46.5 of 4895. they really dont kick as hard and hit 10 times harder. Its the differance with getting hit with a bb and a paintball. the bb might move 700 fps and sting for a little while where as the paintball being bigger and carrying more energy, will be moving at 350 fps and bruise the S*** out of you. hope this helps. you can load a heavier bullet lighter and still have a deadly load for a 'light' shooter. cant wait for my 2 girls to start shooting.
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